How’m I gonna get through?

Pet Shop Boys - MTV Brazil Interview (1994) x



19th August 1981

33 years ago Chris & Neil met on the King’s Road in London.

Neil: “My entire life is grounded or founded on, not just a coincidence but by a one chance meeting with Chris Lowe. If I hadn’t gone into that shop at that particular moment or if Chris hadn’t come into it when I was actually there, the Pet Shop Boys would never have happened.”

“That episode to me, as time goes on, seems more and more extraordinary, because it changed my entire life,” he muses, “I even had the feeling the moment I met Chris that it was going to change my life, actually. And it all happened in a musical equipment shop.” 


Neil and Chris and Dusty. The Boys showing recognition and respect.


PSB in the trademark pointed hats. I love that!


Opportunities 1986

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